WPNinjas Netherlands

Workplace Ninja User Group Netherlands Event Code of Conduct

Welcome to our Workplace Ninja User Group Netherlands Community Event! We are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees. Please read and follow our code of conduct to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

1. Inclusion and Respect:

  • Be Inclusive: Embrace diversity and inclusivity. Respect all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.
  • Be Kind: Treat others with kindness, empathy, and respect. Harassment, discrimination, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Listen Actively: Listen to others attentively and engage in constructive and respectful discussions. Be open to different perspectives.
  • Use Appropriate Language: Avoid offensive language, slurs, or any form of communication that may be hurtful to others.

2. Attendance and Consideration:

  • RSVP Responsibly: When you RSVP for an event, it's important that you intend to attend. Our hosts rely on accurate attendee counts for food and drink preparations.
  • Early Cancellation: If you can no longer attend an event, please update your RSVP as soon as possible to allow others on the waiting list to participate. You can do till 7 days before the event starts, any cancellation after within 7 days will count as a no-show.
  • No Shows: Excessive "no-shows" disrupt the event and cause inconvenience to our hosts. To encourage responsible attendance:
    • After 2 no-shows, you will be placed on the waiting list for future events.
    • After 3 no-shows, you will no longer be allowed to RSVP for our events.

3. Reporting Concerns:

If you witness or experience any behavior that violates this code of conduct, please report it to the event organizers immediately. We take all concerns seriously and will take appropriate action to address them.

4. Consequences:

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in consequences, including warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent exclusion from our events, as determined by the event organizers.

By attending our Workplace Ninja User Group Netherlands Community Events, you agree to abide by this code of conduct.

Thank you for helping us create a positive and respectful community. Let's enjoy our events together!